Sigurd Company s.r.o.

Meet your goals and sustain them– efficiently, cost-effectively, and often ahead of schedule.

A sound business strategy is essential to success. Without disciplined execution, the same strategy renders little value. Sigurd Company is a project management consulting firm that helps you succeed where companies often fail – in implementation and execution. We advise on and execute your most complex initiatives so that you realize your desired results.

With a passion for excellence, honest and ethical conduct, and uncompromising integrity, Sigurd Company achieves high-quality results and consistently meets its commitments to its clients.

Sigurd Company derives its competitive advantage from its values-driven, self-motivated, and highly skilled employees: its most important asset. Therefore, Sigurd Company must ensure that employees are challenged, provided continual opportunities for growth, and treated fairly, with respect and dignity. It is the company’s intent to maximize job security. The company’s culture must, in a disciplined yet motivating fashion, forever embrace continuous improvement and teamwork and defy complacency in any form.

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